Gordon Nagel's The Structure of Experience: Kant's System of Principles PDF

By Gordon Nagel ISBN-10: 0226567664 ISBN-13: 9780226567662 Show description [...]

New PDF release: Groundless Belief

By Michael Williams ISBN-10: 0691009074 ISBN-13: 9780691009070 Encouraged by means of the paintings of Wilfrid [...]

Hamid Vahid (auth.)'s The Epistemology of Belief PDF

By Hamid Vahid (auth.) ISBN-10: 0230584470 ISBN-13: 9780230584471 ISBN-10: 134929960X ISBN-13: [...]

Wittgenstein, Rules and Institutions - download pdf or read online

By David Bloor ISBN-10: 0415161479 ISBN-13: 9780415161473 Sincerely and engagingly written, this quantity is [...]

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Read e-book online Sextus Empiricus: Against the Logicians (Cambridge Texts in PDF

By Sextus Empiricus, Richard Bett ISBN-10: 0521531950 ISBN-13: 9780521531955 Via a ways the main distinct [...]

Read e-book online On Certainty PDF

By Ludwig Wittgenstein ISBN-10: 0061316865 ISBN-13: 9780061316869 Written over the past 18 months of his [...]

Download e-book for kindle: Strategies of Argument: Essays in Ancient Ethics, by Mi-Kyoung Lee

By Mi-Kyoung Lee ISBN-10: 0199890471 ISBN-13: 9780199890477 This quantity positive aspects fifteen new papers [...]

Franz M. Wuketits's Evolutionary epistemology and its implications for humankind PDF

By Franz M. Wuketits ISBN-10: 079140286X ISBN-13: 9780791402863 Booklet via Wuketits, Franz M. Show [...]

Download e-book for iPad: Recovering Religious Concepts: Closing Epistemic Divides by D. Z. Phillips

By D. Z. Phillips ISBN-10: 0312227043 ISBN-13: 9780312227043 This number of essays argues that we have to get [...]