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1) q2). 2) fi' (K, 1), and the principle of variations states that bL = f5fi' dx dt = O. 3) It is obvious that the theory in this fonn guarantees invariance with respect to the Lorentz transformations. 3) to vanish. 8) In the case when fi' is linearly dependent on the invariants K, 1, when rx= {J=O and y = constant, we get back to the linear Klein's equations for 35 GEOMETRICAL MEASUREMENTS IN THE MACROWORLD a scalar field qJ. 8') ~=­ dt is the velocity of propagation of the wave front. We caII this a weak discontinuity (as we did earlier in Section 3).

1, v, ... = 1,2, .. 5) 0:; (P)· .. 1). 5") are called contravariant. 6) T~v ... (P') = f3~ (P) f3~ (P) ... 6") Such vectors and tensors are called covariant [14]. Because vectors in various points of the manifold transform in various ways [the coefficients o:e (P) and f3; (P) are functions of the point P], the comparison of two vectors at different points in the manifold A (P) and A (P') cannot be made without further operations. In order to compare these two vectors, the vector A (P) must be brought over to the poiut P', p' FIg.

The purpose of the detector D is to register the presence of the microsystem in some or other state. The detector is an unstable macroscopic system capable of changing its state under the action of the microsituation. An example to illustrate this system is given in Figure 12, where S is the source of particles and C is a slit which selects particles having a certain direction. This source and slit form the part M of the situation which determine the original ensemble. r1 ~,~ ~ ~l~~~-~-~-~. ,.

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