English as a Contact Language (Studies in English Language) by Daniel Schreier, Marianne Hundt PDF

By Daniel Schreier, Marianne Hundt

Contemporary advancements involved linguistics recommend massive overlap of branches corresponding to historic linguistics, variationist sociolinguistics, pidgin/creole linguistics, language acquisition, and so forth. This e-book highlights the complexity of contact-induced language swap in the course of the background of English by way of bringing jointly state-of-the-art study from those fields. specified concentration is on contemporary debates surrounding substratal impact in past varieties of English (particularly Celtic impression in previous English), on language shift approaches (the formation of Irish and abroad forms) but in addition on dialects in touch, the touch origins of normal English, the suggestion of latest epicentres in global English, the function of kids and adults in language swap in addition to move and language studying. With contributions from prime specialists, the booklet deals clean and intriguing views for examine and is whilst an updated review of the cutting-edge within the respective fields.

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1 Introduction In this chapter, we will have a look at the role contact has played in the way the grammatical system of English developed in the medieval period. 1) the theoretical background or framework that will be used in this chapter, and the terminology current in discussions of contact change. As we will see, an important distinction is that between ‘borrowing’ and ‘substratum influence’ because of their different effects on the receiving language. 2, we will look more closely at the historical situation and the social forces that determine the effect contact has, and how these in turn may be influenced by the internal grammatical system already in place.

Wæs gesewen forneah ofer eall and then at Easter . . was seen nearly over all þis land . . swiðe mænifealdlice steorran of heofenan feollan this land . . 12)) What is interesting is that three other examples with passive seon do occur but with a present participle rather than an infinitive, a construction also found twice as a replacement in Timofeeva’s subcorpus-1: 26 Olga Fischer (3) ... & fyrenne dracan wæron gesewene on þam lifte . . 1)) These participle constructions can comfortably be interpreted as native since the participle need not be directly dependent on the main verb but can be interpreted as dependent on the NP, dracan.

Were OE and NZE shaped via similar processes of new-dialect formation? All these are substantial questions, and though we have some promising points of departure, we cannot embolden ourselves to provide definite answers here. Notwithstanding, we firmly believe that as much information as possible is needed if we ever wish to be in a position to do so and that this volume goes some way towards achieving that goal. At the same time, many of the chapters are interconnected and it is striking to find that throughout the volume, contributors ask similar questions in different contexts, frequently referring to each other’s work.

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