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Геральдика и регалии войны НОВОСТИ, ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ, ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА,ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Геральдика и регалии войны Автор:Bernard Fitzsimons Год издания: 1973 ISBN:0 517 130866 Страниц: a hundred sixty five Формат: PDF Язык: английский Размер:37,15 MbКрасочная униформа, медали, значки - всегда являлись стимулом для человека, чтобы поднять оружие.Где бы ни находился солдат, внутри военного корабля, в окопе под огнем, или в кабине самолета перед вражеским самолетом под прицелом, он всегда в ощущении идентичности со страной и товарищами. Поперечное сечение униформ, медалей, и знаков отличия, содержавшихся в этой книге может, тогда, быть расценено как что-то большее, чем собрание красочных устройств и сложных проектов... СКАЧАТЬ: http://.comhttp:// http://http://vip-file.com fifty one

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Their equipment and small arms were identical with those of ordinary infantry regiments of the line. and comprised a metal-framed pack (containing spare boots, great coat, blankets and mess tin), and the standard 8·mm 1886 Lebel rifle 33 For King and Country Bntlsh recruitmg and propaganda posters lended to stress the facI that recruits were servmg their kmg: In spite of this patnotlC appeal. and the imtial enthusiasm 10 Jom the ranks, the voluntary system was breaking down by 1916. 1 A posler stressing the Importance of the lactory worker's role in the war.

Eft: A Commando. 1914 style. The South Afncan forces In 1914 were raised from both the British and Afrikaans sections of the population The Afrikaans units were organised In Commandos. and In many cases each man was expected 10 supply his own weapon and horse. A variety of nfles were used. Includmg German Mausers. Right; An Askan. The uniform and equipment worn by these soldiers were usually modifled to suit the particular conditions of war; the puttees and boots, lor example. were frequently discarded.

J~... 0 If r ....... pI /kM .. II o prP • d*. - "'''''t ..... I" ............ , 41117'1 • 7 o _. _ ... • 54 ,/ ~- Above: Five Italian soldiers. From left to right. an infantry officer, an artilleryman. anAlpino. an infantryman and a Bersagliere. ThM uniforms are basically the 1908 Service Dress, which became standard at the beginning of the war, although some units did continue to wear an obsolete pattern. The colour of the uniforms illustrated approximated closely to that of the German Jager. The markings for distinguishing between the various arms of the army were the differing colours of the patches on each soldier's collar and, of course, the headgear of the Alpini and Bersaglieri.

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