Hyperfine Structure in 4d- and 5d-Shell Atoms by Dr. Stephanus Büttgenbach (auth.) PDF

By Dr. Stephanus Büttgenbach (auth.)

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Therefore, the number of perturbing levels has to be limited. In many cases, the members of the same SL multiplet as the perturbed state and other nearby states give the largest contributions to the second-order corrections. However, even levels which l i e more than 10000 cm-I awayfrom the perturbed state may contribute appreciably to the corrections. Thus, the question which levels should be included in the second-order calculation has to be examined carefully for each individual case. 8 Hyperfine Anomaly The magnetic dipole interaction constant was defined by (3,5,8), A =~ (62) According to the Hamiltonian (10), the electronic wavefunctions depend on only one nuclear quantity, the total charge Z.

S The corrections have been evaluated using the computer program PERJ. S. J. Childs, Argonne National,Laboratory. For elements investigated by other authors the corrections calculated by these authors are given. /RF ~BMR ~BMR ~BMR ~ethod "able I, A and B factors for 4d-shell atoms, The level designations and energies are taken from /151/ 55 44 54 53 52 :eference 3= rl 99Ru 99Tc 97Mo Isotope 5F 5/. 58206 Aexp [MHz] 12346 0 10768 11143 11454 11859 12346 0 0 4179 4003 3701 3251 2573 11891 11579 11063 10517 2713 Configuration Level energy and state [cm"I] Table t.

The r f resonances were recorded using a PDP-8 o n - l i n e computer system. Two experimental procedures have been used c o n t r o l l e d by the programs C08 /127/ and M04 /128/, r e s p e c t i v e l y . In the C08 procedure the resonance curves are scanned in small e q u i d i s t a n t f r e quency steps. The frequency is stepped through the relevant frequency range forward and backward many times, and the counting rate differences (N+-N_), where N+ and N are the counting rates f o r the r f power switched on and o f f , r e s p e c t i v e l y , are summed up.

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Hyperfine Structure in 4d- and 5d-Shell Atoms by Dr. Stephanus Büttgenbach (auth.)

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