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By Ikuro Ishigure

Древняя игра Го покоряет все больше и больше игроков простотой своих основных правил, и вместе с тем огромной глубиной и красотой вариаций. Серия книг, которую я хочу представить, предназначается для игроков, которые немного освоились с азами игры и поиграли на доске 9x9 ( лучший источник для этого - и хотят лучше ориентироваться в игре на большой доске 19x19, в которой открывается вся красота игры. Желательно еще знать английский, увы, все книги этой серии на нем. =(

Первая книга серии, "In the start" , на примерах рассказывает о начале игры, основных точках для первых ходов, принципах начальной разметки территории, использования сил и слабостей в формах камней для защиты и нападения.

P.S. Пожалуйста напишите в комментариях есть ли вообще интерес к литературе по Го на английском, т.е стоит ли выкладывать книги этой серии/ другие книги по Го на английском?

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1 below gives us an example of another of the standard maneuvers of the opening. Black has played keima at 1 and is pushing White along the side of the board, further isolating White . and building toward a large exterior territory. White, by crawling along the third line, is gaining secure territory at the edge. 2 shows an idealized version of this situation. 2 depending on the extent to which Black could make use of his wall for building territory or attacking. 47 This idealized version would not be likely to occur, however, in actual play, for in a pushing and crawling battle, one side is always a step ahead of the other, and the competition to stand in that privileged position causes breaks and bends to appear in the solid lines.

Black usually plays 1 at 2, a, or b and fights his way out, even though the resulting joseki have a way of awarding White the corner. 9 shows a similar example in which Black's stone is on the 3— 4 point. After Black 8, White can be expected to extend out from under Black's overhanging wall on the lower side, and Black will, perhaps, aim to attack White 3, 5, and 7 with a pincer play from farther up the left side. Extensions are the basic building blocks of the opening, pincer attacks are the basic offensive weapons, and moves which are both extensions and pincer attacks are the ideal.

11, where for the sake of clarity we have removed the captured white stone from the board. White's profit in the corner is not small—twenty points would be a good estimate for the value of White 1—but Black's capture completely overshadows White's wall, as well as every other part of the board, and is even more valuable. 12, with White and Black saving their stones at 24 and 25 respectively, then continuing the pushing battle up to White 40. Black played 41, for he could not allow White to take that point and start a second wall, and the game entered another phase.

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