Letters to Christian Leaders - Hollow Be Thy Claims - download pdf or read online

By Jake Farr-Wharton

The arbitrary persecution of Christians, perpetrated via atheists, has long gone on lengthy sufficient. it truly is completely, thoroughly and completely unfair that Christians obtain this consistent barrage from atheists who base their assaults on what they suspect Christians believ

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It probably needs to be recognized, Roberta, that when an embryo is terminated and harvested for stem-cells, it is a maximum of around 5 days post fertilization and consists of around 100-150 cells. To put it into context, your average gram of soil contains around 40 million bacterial cells. To put it into further context, a human adult has around 100 trillion cells. So when we talk about the human embryos used for stem cell research, we’re talking about something smaller than the width of a human hair and something that is most assuredly nothing more than a clump of cells in a Petri dish.

It was secularists who founded the great Nation of the USA. It was secularists who abolished slavery in the 19th Century. It will be secularists who save America from itself, by saving her from bludgeoning the intellectual and social development of tomorrow’s children. Not just America though, every nation, the world over, has been suffering from an extreme case of religious literalism and fundamentalism. But for all these rich, idealistic and altruistic objectives to become attainable the secularists must make themselves known and they must metaphorically carpet bomb the bejesus out of every potential argumentative hiding place that theists retreat to.

We learn from our previous generation’s successes and failures and advance ourselves for the better, and hope that our children will do the same. It seems that all Christianity is good for is holding humanity back. Silencing and discrediting scientists for advancing our understanding of the universe, is that all you’re good for? Converting or killing those who think differently or have different opinions on the same God (Jews and Muslims), is that all you’re good for? Discriminating against or persecuting those without beliefs, is that all you’re good for?

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