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By R.L.M Vissers, A. Nicolas

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This quantity follows a really good Symposium on "Mantle denudation in gradual spreading ridges and in ophiolites", held on the XII EUG assembly in Strasbourg, spring 1993. in the course of the assembly it used to be felt that the contribu­ tions to the Symposium justified a quantity proposing its major medical achievements. the current name of the amount indicates that the guts of inter­ est has just a little shifted with appreciate to the preliminary target: with a purpose to below­ stand the procedures inquisitive about accretion happening at oceanic ridges, it is vital to check the interplay among uppermost mantle and reduce crust. The process preferred here's that of petrological and structural research of oceanic rocks in present-day oceanic ridges mixed with related experiences in ophiolites. Rock specimen accumulated by way of submersibles or dredge hauls in oceanic ridge environments supply a "ground truth". in spite of the fact that, aside from parts resembling the MARK (Mid-Atlantic Ridge ne ar Kane fracture area) the place, because of a number of submersible dives, the neighborhood geology is understood with aprecision even greater than in lots of onshore ophiolites, mutual rela­ tionships among uppermost mantle and decrease crust are poorly identified. against this, onshore ophiolites supply an important large-scale photo equipped up over a long time of structural and petrological mapping.

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Small recrystallized grains of orthopyroxene exhibit lower En and Al 2 0 J contents than the primary orthopyroxene (Table 3) probably due to recrystallization under lower temperature conditions (Sinton, 1979; Hamlyn and Bonatti, 1980). A comparison with other peridotites from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge shows that the analyzed orthopyroxenes have similar compositions, except for higher Mg/Mg+Fe values, as orthopyroxenes from peridotites of Sites 395 and 670, and from the North Atlantic (Michael and Bonatti, 1985).

Two of these three southern gabbro dikes also have primitive compositions, with high clinopyroxene Cr203 contents and Mg# plotting close to those of sampIe FR7-15 wehrlite. The occurrence of accessory zircon in sampIe FR7-10 (Table 1) does not quite fit with such primitive compositions. Zircon occurs, however, in the most extensively altered and deformed part of the sampIe, and our preferred explanation is that it does not belong to the gabbro dike, but to a later vein crosscutting it and now obscured by shearing and hydrothermal alteration.

Penrose, 1972. Ophiolites, Penrose Field Conference. Geotimes, 17: 24-25. , 1981. The origin and significance of large, tabular dunite bodies in the Trinity peridotite, northern California. Contrib. Miner. , 78: 413-422. Ross, K. , 1993. Cumulates from strongly depleted mid-ocean ridge basalt. Nature, 365: 826-829. M. , 1992. Mid-ocean ridge magma chambers. J. Geophys. , 97: 197-216. J. , 1980. Crystal fractionation in a cumulate gabbro, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 26°N. J. Geophys. , 85: 5438-5454. M.

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Mantle and Lower Crust Exposed in Oceanic Ridges and in Ophiolites: Contributions to a Specialized Symposium of the VII EUG Meeting, Strasbourg, Spring 1993 by R.L.M Vissers, A. Nicolas

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