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This e-book takes the reader in the course of the entire weathering cycle, from the continents to the oceans, from the viewpoint of recent radiogenic isotope geochemistry. themes contain floor weathering, fluvial methods, environmental toxins, oceanography and paleoceanography, sedimentary mineral diagenesis and radiometric relationship, therefore bridging the space among strategies performing on the Earth at the present time and the geological list. large use is made from rigorously chosen case experiences, either pioneering and state of the art. This ebook permits the reader to significantly determine past paintings from the literature in addition to encouraging already confirmed researchers to use the main smooth isotopic methods to their specific box of research.

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0 z. 05 l0 t5 'o K / 36At (10 -J) Fig. 7. Rb-Sr (A) and K-At (B) isochron diagrams for fresh and altered feldspars. 4 Products of Chemical Weathering Most of the important clay minerals are derived from biotites and feldspars. They determine the Rb-Sr and K-Ar isotope characteristics of the weathering profile. Let us turn to these products of weathering themselves, their isotopic systems and behavior during weathering. 2 Weathering 21 Clauer (1979) investigated exchange reactions that took place between kaolinite and fluid phases within a weathering profile.

OO. . . . " 9 .... ~. ,A. r -20 -10 / 0 " "0"*' 10 2aO 6 ~0 %o Icatculatedl Fig. 8D and <31SOvalues of gibbsites, montmorillonites, kaolinites in soil profiles in North America and Hav,aiian Islands to corresponding local present-day meteoric waters. (Lawrence and Ta~ Ior 1971) 26 Peter Slille and Graham Shields @ 8J WR! pt '~Rb / "Sr Fig. 12. Sr isotope model of rock weathering. A: Rb-Sr isochron for plagioclase (PI), whole rock (WR), biotite (B) and alkali feldspar (Kf). B: Leaching of plagioclase (Ll=leachate; Pl'=plagioclase residue) causes an increase of the Rb/Sr and 87Sr/86Sr ratios in the whole rock (WR->WRI).

The dissolved lead is quickly adsorbed onto particles or is complexed with organic molecules. This complexation and adsorption strongly control the budget of lead in surface waters. The short residence time of lead has the consequence that Pb isotopic composition at any one time may give an idea of lake circulation and climatic conditions (wind direction in particular). The transport of industrial lead by river systems is discussed in detail by ElbazPoulichet et al. (1984, 1986). The difference between petrol lead and natural lead is quite straight forward in France as 99% of lead used is imported, mostly from Canadian and Australian Precambrian ore bodies (Fig.

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