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This vintage textual content serves as a device for self-study; it's also used as a simple textual content for undergraduate classes in differential geometry. The author's skill to extract the fundamental parts of the idea in a lucid and concise model permits the scholar quick access to the fabric and allows the trainer so as to add emphasis and canopy certain themes. the extreme wealth of examples in the routines and the hot fabric, starting from isoperimetric difficulties to reviews on Einstein's unique paper on relativity conception, improve this new version.

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A) The line [k1 , k2 ] consists of the points of the form [αk1 + βk2 ], where α and β are any two real numbers, at least one of which is not zero. Since [k1 ] and [k2 ] are on Qn+1 , we have αk1 + βk2 , αk1 + βk2 = 2αβ k1 , k2 . Thus the line is contained in the quadric if and only if k1 , k2 = 0. (b) Let [αk1 + βk2 ] be any point on the line. Since k1 , k2 = 0 by (a), we easily compute that [αk1 + βk2 ] is orthogonal to both [k1 ] and [k2 ]. Hence, the corresponding sphere is in oriented contact with the spheres corresponding to [k1 ] and [k2 ].

Hence, the two Lie sphere transformations induced by the Möbius transformation P (A) differ by this change of orientation factor. Thus, the group of Lie 28 3 Lie Sphere Transformations transformations induced from Möbius transformations is isomorphic to O(n + 1, 1) and is a double covering of the Möbius group H . This group consists of those Lie transformations that map [en+3 ] to itself. Since such a transformation must also take ⊥ en+3 to itself, this is precisely the group of Lie transformations which take point spheres to point spheres.

4. The parabolic complex determined by a point ξ in Qn+1 consists of all spheres in oriented contact with the sphere corresponding to ξ . A noteworthy example is the case ξ = (1, −1, 0, . . , 0), the improper point. This system consists of all oriented hyperplanes in R n . A Lie sphere transformation which fixes this complex is called a Laguerre transformation, and the group of such Laguerre transformations is called the Laguerre group. We will study this group in detail in the next section. 4 Laguerre Geometry Each point in the intersection of the Lie quadric Qn+1 with the plane x1 + x2 = 0 represents either a plane in R n or the improper point.

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