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By Joan Mulholland

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The Language of Negotiation goals to intensify knowledge of language and to indicate sensible methods you should use language-related strategies to get effects. particular ideas are listed for ease of reference and there are routines and examples.

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In choosing an item from a paradigm a speaker is selecting a meaning. The meaning comes about in two ways: the particular item chosen has meaning as a realisation of an event, but also has a meaning which derives from the speaker’s awareness of the other possible choices. Equally, hearers understand or make meaningful the word they hear, by fitting it into their own paradigm set, seeing it as a choice with specific meaning, and they enrich it by adding to it the ‘negative’ meaning of the words in the set which were not chosen.

There is a further means of producing 34 Preparation—the power of language bonding, using a shared language, which is called restricted code use. This is the kind of language which takes for granted a shared knowledge and experience, and works by minimal reference to the shared world, for example by the overuse of such inexplicit pronouns as it, they, those and that, and of such all-embracing terms as thing and the other, and of such vague verbs as be, do and have, in fact of all those words that require the hearer to have prior knowledge of their referents and do not provide clearly referential terms which could be understood by any hearer.

It is important only to pass over the trouble, get beyond it, leave it untouched. 20 Preparation—the power of language • Activities which metaphorically resemble ‘building’ will be required to solve the problem. ’ This implies the following notions: • • • • • • The elements of something add up to a total. The total is what matters. The total is a matter of profit and loss, a statement of clear oppositions, of black and white with no grey shading possible. It is a material total, without non-material elements (like values, or attitudes).

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